The first and sometimes second session may occur close to the horses but will be information gathering and assessment and development of therapeutic and/or learning goals. Together we will agree on the aims of the therapeutic experiences ahead.

Subsequent sessions may involve interacting with the horses and/or building with objects. Each session evolves on the day, is dynamic, creative and co-designed together to meet your unique and important needs.

The sessions can help you grow in many ways including: :

    • Slowing down and learning sold self regulation skills
    • Becoming more aware of self and other
    • Developing and strengthening boundaries in relationships
    • Improving communication
    • Improving leadership and confidence
    • Alleviating stress
    • Feeling safer in oneself and the world
    • Feeling more connected
    • Healing old and recent wounds

Equine Assistance, Why horses

Equine Assisted Learning and Psychotherapy is a unique approach that involves inclusion of the horses as free agents with their own needs and wants. Horses are respected and honoured as fellow travellers in the world. Horses help us to identify patterns that may have helped us in the past but are not longer serving us. They act as teachers and role models of living in the present and being true to our authentic needs.

Equine Assisted Learning is focused on helping you develop personally, socially, and emotionally in an experiential way. This learning will enhance your personal and professional skills and help you move clearly towards your goals.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is focused on understanding patterns that have developed from our growing up experience and experimenting with new and more helpful ways of moving through the world.

Both learning and therapy benefit from the dynamic experiential nature of the work with horses.

Horses help us stay connected to the present. Being prey animals they are acutely aware of their environment and provide us with unique feedback about how we present and relate to others. They respond to our body language, our non verbal cues and our mood. They help us recognise patterns that may have served us well in the past but are no longer working. They help us find a new way forward.

Horses offer us unconditional presence. They help us build awareness and confidence to face life’s complex and emerging challenges. Horses help us develop awareness, calm, clarity, compassion, confidence and connection.

Horses model awareness, boundaries, expression of feelings as information, sensitivity as a strength, and clear communication.

Horses may evoke clear responses including unconscious feelings and needs, which are then available for therapeutic attention and processing

Being around horses can activate whole-system awareness (thoughts, feelings, sensations) activating all parts of our being, which is the foundation for change

Horses can provide emotional safety that is conducive to the development of new neural pathways and body memories for safety in relationships

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